Air Freight

Service Offering ::

  • Pickup from door
  • Delivery to door
  • Shipment consolidation
  • Faster transit times
  • Cargo insurance
  • Optional packing/re-packing services

Our Door-to-Door service

We manage your shipment from the point of collection at your premises to the selection of the most reliable route to the destination. We are fully set up to handle the declaration of all necessary export/import permits as well as to take care of all your shipment insurance needs. We also offer our services to work closely with the destination receiving party to effect timely customs clearance and final delivery to your customer within the stipulated delivery time frame.

Our Door-to-Airport service

We provide the same level of service as our door-to-door option, managing your shipment right through to the final destination airport. Upon arrival,  we handover the documentation to the control of your or your customers nominated agents or brokers for final clearance and delivery.